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Show (Reggae/R&B) The Many Moods of Sir Walford

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StartEndMusicDJ(s)Show Name
..:: Sunday ::..
12:00PM2:00PM Katie
2:00PM4:00PMAlt RockTeddy West Side
..:: Monday ::..
12:00AM2:00AM AJ
2:00AM4:00AMAlt RockDJ Salli Sitwell
6:00AM7:00AM DJ Julis
7:00AM8:00AM DJ Nellenore
10:00AM12:00PMAlternative Rock Luuk
Shoegaze, Alt. Rock, Post-Punk Revival, Big Beat Electronic and Hip-Hop....depending on my mood
12:00PM2:00PM Trash Boat
2:00PM4:00PM Ally G
4:00PM6:00PMIndie RockAlex
Local-Centric Indie Music.
6:00PM8:00PMAlt. RockMichelle
8:00PM10:00PMalt rockKalene
The blank canvas for thematic tunes.
10:00PM12:00AMAlternative RockDJ Basket Cass
..:: Tuesday ::..
12:00AM2:00AMtrash pop / post-punkEric
2:00AM4:00AMalt rockE-Dog
Music to Play Monopoly to
8:00AM10:00AMAlt Rock Sam
10:00AM12:00PMalt rockAndrew
If you're up early on that morning commute tune into WCDB or stream some classic, nothing but pure rock n roll music.
[lil bit]
2:00PM4:00PMAlternative RockTrudy
4:00PM6:00PMAlternative Kyle
A quick show on Thursday afternoons from noon until 1pm where I play my favorites and some newly released alt-rock
6:00PM8:00PMThis is so alternative.HEAT
Lots of shenanigans and harmonicas!!!!!
8:00PM10:00PMwoop there it isDJ Hillary Clinton
10:00PM12:00AMAlternative RockNoah
roommate radio
..:: Wednesday ::..
12:00AM2:00AMvomitSob Dylan
10:00AM12:00PMAlternative New WavedJ bANANAS iN pAJAMAS
Packed with Potassium and other vitamins to jump start your day.
12:00PM2:00PMAlt. rock/rock/jazzAnnie
Every last Wednesday of the Month, Tune in for Music Without Borders: All That's Jazz!
2:00PM4:00PMAllt RockLiv
6:00PM8:00PMAlternative RockThe Finch
dog-shit rock and roll
8:00PM10:00PMIndieRock + BaconShakesFatMan
Yes, please have some.
..:: Thursday ::..
2:00AM4:00AM Sabrina
10:00AM12:00PM Teebs
12:00PM2:00PM DJ Hillary Clinton
2:00PM4:00PMalt rockZsa Zsa Couture
..:: Friday ::..
12:00AM2:00AMAlt RockLaura
If you're up, you might as well listen.
2:00AM6:00AMThis is so alternative. HEAT
I am going to be playing you the hits.
12:00PM2:00PMsafari styleRobby Red
2:00PM4:00PMAlt RockDJ Milky
hahahahahahahaha listen to my music
6:00PM8:00PMAlt RockDJ Gary Lazereyes
This is the kind of show you take home to meet your parents, so tune in!
8:00PM10:00PMAlt. Rock/ Trip HopDJ Tantivy
Head-bangin', twitch-inducin' beats.
..:: Saturday ::..
12:00AM2:00AM oh okGaige
6:00PM8:00PM80s Alt/New WaveDJ and a Half
Explores the world of 80s alternative music, including music from the 1980s and music of today by bands known in the 1980s.