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On Air connorDJ End-World
Show (progressive post pop punk) the rest of the night

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StartEndMusicDJ(s)Show Name
..:: Monday ::..
2:00PM4:00PMAlt RockAlexSeide
4:00PM6:00PMIndie RockAlex
Local-Centric Indie Music.
6:00PM8:00PMAlternative Rockpe4chy m4e
I play music to the masses in an imaginary bottle.
8:00PM10:00PMalt rockKalene
The blank canvas for thematic tunes.
..:: Tuesday ::..
12:00PM2:00PMAlternative RockTrudy
2:00PM4:00PM80s Alt/New WaveDJ and a Half
Explores the world of 80s alternative music, including music from the 1980s and music of today by bands known in the 1980s.
4:00PM6:00PMhip independent rock Nicole
sift through the static to find a simpler sound
6:00PM9:00PMThis is so alternative.HEAT
Lots of shenanigans and harmonicas!!!!!
9:00PM11:00PMAlternative RockNoah
roommate radio
11:00PM1:00AMvomitSob Dylan
..:: Wednesday ::..
Music to Play Monopoly to
10:00AM1:00PMAlt. rock/rock/jazzAnnie
Every last Wednesday of the Month, Tune in for Music Without Borders: All That's Jazz!
1:00PM4:00PMThis is so alternative. HEAT
I am going to be playing you the hits.
4:00PM6:00PMAlternative Rock Luuk
Shoegaze, Alt. Rock, Post-Punk Revival, Big Beat Electronic and Hip-Hop....depending on my mood
6:00PM8:00PMAlternative RockMelissa
7:00PM10:00PMIndieRock + BaconShakesFatMan
Yes, please have some.
10:00PM12:00AMAlternative RockDJ Basket Cass
..:: Thursday ::..
12:00PM3:00PMAlternative RockDeydey
Who owns music? Not record labels, not us, not even the artists themselves. Music is energy that comes in different forms; whether it's an artist making it, or listeners taking it in. Our only job is to keep that energy flowing at all times so that someone in need can use that energy as their muse. By sharing constantly, you allow others to share your vibe, be on your level, share your Zone. This is ZonerMusec.
3:00PM6:00PMAlternative RockThe Finch
If Brand New and Said the Whale had a baby, this would be that baby
6:00PM8:00PMAlternative Kyle
A show dedicated towards trying to find happiness in Albany so long as the weather allows it
..:: Friday ::..
12:00AM2:00AMprogressive post pop punkconnor
2:00PM4:00PMsafari styleRobby Red
6:00PM8:00PMAlt RockDJ Brian
This is the kind of show you take home to meet your parents, so tune in!