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(11:18 PM) ROLLIN' IN - SAM EVIAN more tracks
(11:14 PM) Casper - Bruiser and Bicycle
(11:11 PM) Candid Chemicals - Precious Metals
(11:05 PM) Mute - Youth Lagoon
(11:02 PM) Summer Windows - Slaughter Beach, Dog
(10:58 PM) I'm in Love - Slaughter Beach, Dog
(10:55 PM) Rabbit - Youth Lagoon

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Recently Played Songs
TimeDJ NameSong TitleArtist Name
11:18 PMDJ AirtimeRollin' InSam Evian
11:14 PMDJ AirtimeCasperBruiser and Bicycle
11:11 PMDJ AirtimeCandid ChemicalsPrecious Metals
11:05 PMDJ AirtimeMuteYouth Lagoon
11:02 PMDJ AirtimeSummer WindowsSlaughter Beach, Dog
10:58 PMDJ AirtimeI'm in LoveSlaughter Beach, Dog
10:55 PMDJ AirtimeRabbitYouth Lagoon
10:51 PMDJ AirtimeMock The Hours w/ Mowed Sound David Nance
10:48 PMDJ AirtimeFocus BlueRuby of Thanks
10:43 PMDJ AirtimeKnifeGrizzly Bear
10:39 PMDJ AirtimeWalkabout feat Noah LennoxAtlas Sound
10:37 PMDJ AirtimeDark DancingFievel Is Glauque
10:34 PMDJ AirtimeEvery Day’s A Lesson In HumilitySuki Waterhouse & Belle and Sebastian
10:31 PMDJ AirtimepawnshopKara Jackson
10:26 PMDJ AirtimeEdge Of The EdgePanda Bear & Sonic Boom
10:21 PMDJ AirtimeDescribePerfume Genius
10:18 PMDJ AirtimeBeautiful People (Stay High)The Black Keys
10:16 PMDJ AirtimeSpider Bitemall goth
10:12 PMDJ AirtimeOnce Upon A Poolside (feat. Sufjan Stevens)The National
10:08 PMDJ AirtimeFooledFat Evil Children
10:04 PMDJ AirtimeHigh School GymDougie Poole
10:01 PMDJ AirtimeBig LoveCamera Obscura
10:00 PMDJ AirtimeClub CyberiaCURRENT SHOW
9:58 PMDJ AirtimeYour CatSlaughter beach dog
9:53 PMDJ AirtimeFloodplainHannah Frances
9:52 PMDJ AirtimeDemolition Derby New Old CarDan Carr and the Cure for Asthma
9:48 PMDJ AirtimePassing Out PiecesMac DeMarco
9:45 PMDJ AirtimeNorthern LightsBowerbirds
9:40 PMDJ AirtimeNo DestructionFoxygen
9:38 PMDJ AirtimeI Felt Your ShapeMicrophones
9:37 PMDJ AirtimeEidolonTapir!
9:35 PMDJ AirtimeEidolonTapir!
9:33 PMDJ AirtimeEdge Of The EdgePanda Bear & Sonic Boom
9:30 PMDJ AirtimeEdge Of The EdgePanda Bear & Sonic Boom
9:24 PMDJ AirtimeTwin FlameWeyes Blood
9:22 PMDJ AirtimeScabsSpeedy Ortiz
9:17 PMDJ AirtimeMove OnGreat Mutations
9:11 PMDJ AirtimeChicagoSufjan Stevens
9:07 PMDJ AirtimeFfunny FfrendsUnknown Mortal Orchestra
9:02 PMDJ AirtimeFloodplainHannah Frances
9:00 PMDJ AirtimeGettin’ to the Point Panda Bear & Sonic Boom
8:57 PMDJ AirtimeScabsSpeedy Ortiz
8:52 PMDJ AirtimeThe FightFuture Islands
8:48 PMDJ AirtimeSeen it ComingTrace Mountains
8:46 PMDJ Airtimenew florida license platedust from 1000 yrs
8:42 PMDJ AirtimeThe Less I Know The BetterTame Impala
8:39 PMDJ AirtimeAs Simple GoesBlue Ranger
8:36 PMDJ AirtimeOverlordDirty Projectors
8:32 PMDJ AirtimeGem & IAnimal Collective
8:29 PMDJ AirtimeRosemary's GonePardoner
8:25 PMDJ AirtimeStepVampire Weekend
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